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Soil Analysis

The nutrient status of the soil is one of the most important components of a nutrient management plan. A soil test measures the plant-available portion of soil nutrients. This measurement is used to predict the amount of nutrient or nutrients that will be available during the growing season. 

Soil Testing

Soil test results form the basis for nutrient recommendations. Traditional soil tests include tests for pH, phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, soil organic matter, and electrical conductivity. 
Soil sampling determines the average nutrient concentration in a field, and allows you to measure nutrient variability in the field. When you know the variability, you can adjust the fertilizer application rates to more closely meet the supplemental nutrient needs of a crop, which can increase crop yield, reduce commercial fertilizer costs, and reduce environmental risk

Available Soil Testing

Pesticide Testing

Extractable Total Petrolium Hydrocarbons

Testing is available for Lawncare pesticides, extermination products and PCB's
The ETPH testing methods characterize and quantify petroleum releases in soil. Further reading is available here
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